The concept

This exciting competition is sponsored by Phoenix Artz and the winning song will be derived from a public vote. This competition is an amazing opportunity for all bands and musicians to get their music heard by a whole new audience. The publicity for this competition will dovetail with the publicity for the feature film ‘Full Circle’, this will include, social media,(twitter, Facebook) and even Radio and TV interviews. That’s a potential audience of thousands listening to your music!! The concept behind this initiative is to raise funds for production of the feature film ‘Full Circle’. To that end the winning band/musician will also have their video screened at the cast and crew screening of ‘Full Circle’ in the Lighthouse Cinema later this year.

So how exactly does this work?

You submit your song by sending your ‘Soundcloud’ link. You do this by clicking on ‘Apply Now’ button located at the bottom of the page. This will bring you to ‘PayPal’. Here you will fill out the form and pay the €20 entry fee. After you have submitted your song you will be added to the list off entries. You will then receive an email from Phoenix Artz confirming your submission. The closing date for submissions will be Sunday March the 6th. 

The final list of songs will be made public on Monday March the 7th 2016. 

On this date the poles will be open to the public for voting. People can vote at anytime day or night over the coming three weeks. Voters will be able to vote for multiple songs if they so choose. 

The voting period will end on Sunday March 27th. 

The band/musician with the most votes wins and will be announced on Monday March 28th 2016.

The prize

The winning band/musician will have their very own music video produced by Phoenix Artz and directed by multi-award winning director Noel Brady. This will include pre-production/concept development, production (actual shooting of the video) and post production (edit/grade). All members of the winning band will receive a DVD copy of the video and a digital copy ready for upload to the internet. The winning band/musician will be welcome to attend the cast and crew screening of 'Full Circle' later this year in the Lighthouse Cinema where the music video will be screened also.

Runner up prizes. 

There will be two runner up prizes. These two songs will be included in the feature film ‘Full Circle’, and as such they will also receive an IMDB credit. All bands/musicians who enter this competition will receive a ‘Thank You’ in the credits of the feature film ‘Full Circle’.

Terms and conditions. 

All music must be original and the sole property of the band/musician.

All music remains the sole property of the band/musician.

If work is found to be not original then Phoenix Artz reserves the right to disqualify this entry. 

The competition is open to all bands/musicians in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The closing date for submissions will be Sunday March the 6th 2016.

Production.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Production of the Music Video will be 1 full day only. 

The music video/song cannot contain anything that is offensive, abusive or in general bad taste.

Phoenix Artz reserves the right to reject an entry on these grounds. 

The production of the music video will take place in Dublin only.

First cut of the music video will be delivered approximately 1 month from time of production. The band/musician can at this point give feedback on the cut. From here the second and final cut will be delivered approximately 2 weeks later from the date of  feedback session.

All bands/musicians must email the following in order to be eligible for the competition:
1.    Completed form.
2.    ‘Soundcloud’ link.
3.    Thumbnail image of your band/musician.
4.    Entry fee €20 (through Pay Pal/bank transfer)
On receipt of all 4 requirements Phoenix Artz will email you a receipt and acknowledgement of your submission.
Once submitted bands/musicians cannot withdraw from the competition.
Phoenix Artz reserves the right to cancel this competition at any point prior or up to commencement of production of the music video.
If cancelation occurs all bands/musicians/entries will receive a full refund of €20.
The winning band/musician and runners up will be notified on Monday March 21st 
2016. All bands who take part will receive a 'Thank you' in the credits of the feature film 'Full Circle'.

Apply for course here

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