GhostridersNoel Brady wraps on TV pilot 'Ghostriders'. Coupled with this great news for ‘True-D’. Noel has just wrapped on his new TV pilot/demo 'Ghostriders'. Starring Pat Nolan and Dave Duffy of 'Fair City' fame. The show follows two motorcyclists (Duffy and Nolan) as they travel around Ireland visiting haunted places. On arrival they meet a local expert (performed by Gerry Wade in the pilot) who tells them the story of how the respective venue came to be haunted. The aim of the show is to make it more about history and less about trying to catch ghosts on camera. It will also feature the vast beauty of this country, highlighting in each episode the various locations.

The show will also include near film quality reenactments, each with it’s own story retold in great detail through the performances. The aim is to provide for the viewer both a cinematic and TV experience in each episode, and not just mere cutaways with a voice over.

The reenactment in this pilot focuses on one of the many stories surrounding the ‘Hellfire Club’ situated up in the Dublin Mountains. This story is set in the late 1700s and revolves around one ‘Buck Whaley’ a tyrant lord of the Hellfire Club who it is said to have had man-hunts for sport back in the day. The pilot features Fergal Cleary as 'Buck Whaley', Conor Marren as 'Tom Dolan' , both of whom have worked with Noel on 'True-D'. It also features Ainé DeSiún in the role of 'Isabelle Dolan'. Aine also lends her vocal talents with a beautiful rendition of 'Siúil a Rún' a traditional Irish piece.

At present 'Ghostriders' has being seen by RTÉ and has received very positive feedback. Noel has also be talking to ‘ICM’ in London about the possibility of going to the US with the show to some of the bigger channels. Noel Brady said, “It’s all very exciting at this point and time, but I’m just going to keep everything crossed and hope it works out, I wouldn’t even be at this stage if were not for the support of the cast and crew who helped me to make this TV pilot, thanks guys”.

To view a trailer for the TV show just click on the link below.
Ghostriders' trailer.



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