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Noel Brady wins 'Best Director ' for 'True-D' at the 'lIT Film Festival Limerick'

'True-D' a short film by Noel Brady has just won it's second award at the 'LIT Film Festival Limerick', this time picking up 'Best Director' for Noel Brady. This makes for the second win for 'True-D' having picked up 'Best Irish Short' at the 'Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival' last November which was held in the ‘Sugar Club’.

Noel Brady wraps on TV pilot 'Ghostriders'

Coupled with this great news for ‘True-D’. Noel has just wrapped on his new TV pilot/demo 'Ghostriders'. Starring Pat Nolan and Dave Duffy of 'Fair City' fame. The show follows two motorcyclists (Duffy and Nolan) as they travel around Ireland visiting haunted places. On arrival they meet a local expert (performed by Gerry Wade in the pilot) who tells them the story of how the respective venue came to be haunted. The aim of the show is to make it more about history and less about trying to catch ghosts on camera. It will also feature the vast beauty of this country, highlighting in each episode the various locations.





Edit Lessons

PHOENIX ARTZ offers one on one lessons in editing using FINAL CUT PRO. You will learn to edit in the privacy of your own home from a professional editor with over ten years experience of editing with FINAL CUT PRO.


  • One hour lesson €60
  • Special offer 3 hour lesson €150 (ideal for beginners)

So lets break it down.

One hour lesson €60
These prices are for one on one lessons in the privacy of your own home.

So how does this work?
We teach you to edit in an easy step by step process. The editor calls to you and comes with his own Apple MacBook Pro laptop. Using our own system we demonstrate and explain each step of editing as we go along. You in turn copy what you learn on your Mac, it’s as simple as that. What’s great about this system is that any questions you may have, no matter how big or small, can be answered by the instructor as you go along.

Special offer 3 hour lesson €150 (ideal for beginners)

Go from zero knowledge to being able to do the basics in just 3 hours.

In one 3-hour intensive lesson you can learn the following.

* Setting up you project.
* Setting your scratch disks.
* Hooking up your camera.
* Capturing footage. (if you have a tape based camera)
* Importing footage. (if you have disk-drive based camera)
* Importing data.
* Basic editing techniques.
* Exporting.

Lessons for the more advanced student.

So you’ve gotten passed the basics, now you want your cut to look like a Hollywood epic, if so, no worries.

For the more advanced student, here’s just some of the cool stuff you can learn.

  • Composite. (Yes you can greensceen in FINAL CUT PRO!)
  • Grading / Colour correction.
  • Customize your images.
  • Work with photoshop elements.
  • Work with Motion Graphic elements.
  • Using filters.
  • And many. many more, all found in FINAL CUT PRO.

Just check out this award winning short by Phoenix Artz, all done in FINAL CUT PRO using Photoshop and Motion graphics elements.


All lessons are thought using FINAL CUT PRO. We do NOT teach ADOBE PREMIERE, SONY VEGAS, or AVID EDITING. All prices listed are for the greater Dublin area only. If you are based outside of Dublin rates for travel will be included, ring for details.

If you would like to know more about these lessons please feel free to contact me.




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