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Noel Brady wins 'Best Director ' for 'True-D' at the 'lIT Film Festival Limerick'

'True-D' a short film by Noel Brady has just won it's second award at the 'LIT Film Festival Limerick', this time picking up 'Best Director' for Noel Brady. This makes for the second win for 'True-D' having picked up 'Best Irish Short' at the 'Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival' last November which was held in the ‘Sugar Club’.

Noel Brady wraps on TV pilot 'Ghostriders'

Coupled with this great news for ‘True-D’. Noel has just wrapped on his new TV pilot/demo 'Ghostriders'. Starring Pat Nolan and Dave Duffy of 'Fair City' fame. The show follows two motorcyclists (Duffy and Nolan) as they travel around Ireland visiting haunted places. On arrival they meet a local expert (performed by Gerry Wade in the pilot) who tells them the story of how the respective venue came to be haunted. The aim of the show is to make it more about history and less about trying to catch ghosts on camera. It will also feature the vast beauty of this country, highlighting in each episode the various locations.





Short Films

Corporal Sean Curtis of the U.S Marines while out on a mission is separated from his platoon. Alone and afraid hiding from the enemy his mind drifts back to his home, his love, his lost love Sarah, his Fiancé.

DualityAn incoming missile hits, with the might of the explosion Sean is blown forward. He awakes to find he is no longer alone, he is now being held captive by an Iraqi insurgent. Little does he know that Sean will learn a valuable lesson from this most unlikely of teachers.


Corporal Sean Curtis ................ Ciaran O’Grady
Iraqi insurgent ................ Deva Naidu
Dr. Sarah O’Connor ................ Amy Hastings
Director/ Writer & Producer ................ Noel Brady
Music ................ Pat McCondichie
Sound Design ................ Eoin Kirwan

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Copyright Phoenix Artz Duality ©2007

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Movers and Shakers
Movers and Shakers was written and produced by Brian Stynes and Noel Brady. This was the first fully produced short film that was directed by Noel. We follow the adventures of James Finalayson (Blayne Kelly) and Seanie Seapail (Sean O’Hara) as they battle it out with earth shattering consequences.

Movers and ShakersIn 2005 this short four-minute film made it into numerous festivals both nationally and internationally. Including the Kerry Int. Film Fest, Cork Film Festival and Film Foil Festival in Sligo.



Seanie Seapail ................ Sean O’Hara
James Finalayson ................ Blayne Kelly
Director/Co-Producer & Co Writer ................ Noel Brady
Music ................ Eoin Kirwan

View Movers & Shakers
Copyright Stynes & Brady ©2005

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Written and produced by James Egan, directed by Noel Brady. This short deals with loss, a kind of loss that proves too much for our character to deal with.

Cast includes: James Egan & Liam Heslin.

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